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Saturday, April 19th, 2014 4:23 PM EDT

Microphone Boy distributed to iTunes and Beyond

Hello Fans, visitors, and listeners,
Be on the look out for "Microphone Boy" by Kevin Dellinger released on iTunes and all other major online music retailers. The album was submitted today through 4/19/2014.
Microphone Boy
Monday, March 24th, 2014 6:48 PM EDT

Book Page Updated

The Book section of the website is now up and running. This is where books by Kevin Dellinger will be presented. The book "The Angelic Chronicles: Requiem of Jariel" is now available for purchase on the website. It is in PDF format. Download this book for only 99 cents. Any future books published by Kevin Dellinger Productions will be posted and available for download. Check out the new page here.
Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 8:39 AM EST

All Albums available for Digital Download

The Main Goal has been reached! All published digital music by Kevin Dellinger is available through What does that mean? It means that you do not have to search any where else to have access to Kevin Dellinger music. It is all right here! Stream the music. Go to the music store - click on an album. Then you are on your way to exploring all the albums. You can navigate through each one. Hear something you like? Download the song instantly through Payloadz. No waiting. All of Kevin Dellinger music is 320 kbps. That means each song is of the highest quality. All of the ID tags are updated with a picture of the album cover. Once you download Kevin Dellinger music, you can play them on your devices at home or in the car.
Having all 20 albums available on is the first step in opening that doorway to Kevin Dellinger music.
Thursday, February 13th, 2014 8:27 AM EST

Digital Graveyard is Going Digital

Digital Graveyard
Digital Graveyard by Kevin Dellinger - This album goes worldwide now - mid February 2014. This album was previously released in 2007 along with 4 other albums. Why did they all get released that year? Because they were compiled from previous years to be converted into wav files. Life circumstances, transitions, and changes interfered with the creative process. Not to mention in 2006 Kevin Dellinger got diagnosed with Diabetes and nearly died. But after recovering, the music got released.
Digital Graveyard is one of the best. The good news is - this album will be available to the world soon. Check it out on iTunes, Spotify, and all those other music places you like to visit. If you need a listen to Digital Graveyard, listen to it here. This album has much emotion and explanation to what happened before 2007. Life was not kind. Yet Kevin survived. Hence the title, "Digital Graveyard." You can figure it out. The genres of this album is sort of EMO pop, Gothic pop, Synthpop, and Britpop. It is always hard to categorize the music sometimes. But the overall album is a masterpiece. Yes it is electronic music. However, the compositions are solid. The lyrics are well written. The vocal harmonies are excellent.
The best song on this album as far as hit factor - "To Feel My Love". Be sure to listen to the whole composition. It changes and it builds.
Friday, January 31st, 2014 12:31 PM EST

Main Goal - To sell downloads on

Hello  fans and visitors,
4 albums are now available to be downloaded on Before now I have been selling downloads on external sites such as bandcamp, cdbaby, etc. My main goal is to sell my own music on my own website. The mp3s are converted to 320kbps. They each include a jpg of the album cover in the mp3 file which will show up on your windows media player or other device. I have taken careful consideration of creating a high quality digital product for you to enjoy. Each mp3 has proper ID3 tags. Each song can be downloaded instantly at the universal price of 99 cents. I will eventually have all of my songs available for download on this website.
It takes time to create all of those html pages. The coding can be tedious. I am also plugging in shopping cart data. So far I have 20 albums. Soon there will be 21. I have a long ways to go. However, keep in mind I also have another goal. I want my albums on itunes, spotify and other major digital music retail stores. You can get an update on that progress by simply looking at the cdbaby store on the home page. So the main goals are to have my own products here and sell them abroad through big music retail stores. Thank you for your support. Keep visiting. You will probably notice many changes in the near future. This is a new website. So it takes time for things to progress.
You can visit the music store to check on the status of my albums.
Kevin Dellinger
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