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Welcome to the Official website of Kevin Dellinger! Discover a new world of #electronicmusic. Genres include pop, synthpop, new wave, new age, dance, electronica, soundtrack, industrial, ambient and experimental. If you have woken up from the "Awaken Divine", you are in the right place. Check out the Music by browsing the ALBUMS in the navigation menu above. Keep up to date on more music to come. You can connect with Kevin Dellinger here! Share the music. If you are already a FAN, this is the website you want to explore. If you are a new listener, welcome to a new world of electronic #alternativemusic. Don't forget to join the mailing list so I can send you updates on my music. Join by entering your email address in the entry box at the bottom of the page. Thanks for visiting.


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Work in Progress

Ethereal Released on iTunes

Released April 2016 Recorded in 2008

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All music is produced, engineered, and written by Kevin Dellinger. Lyrics and Vocals by Kevin Dellinger. Electronic music programming and keyboards by Kevin Dellinger. Copyright owned by Kevin Dellinger. All Rights Reserved.

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