Dance in Dream Time
Mixed Me Up
Skye of Wonder
Mixed Me Up
Skye of Wonder
Mixed Me Up
Skye of Wonder
Mixed Me Up
Skye of Wonder
Mixed Me Up
Skye of Wonder
Mixed Me Up
Skye of Wonder
Mixed Me Up
Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Skye of Wonder in August 2014

Skye of Wonder (EP) by Kevin Dellinger - Recorded 2012
"Skye of Wonder" by Kevin Dellinger will be released in the Month of August 2014. Expect this album to be released on iTunes, Spotify, Rumblefish, etc.

You can download this album now on the official website. Feature tracks are "The Shift", "Human Transition" and "Starstruck."
Monday, July 28th, 2014

Dance in Dream Time updated on Last.FM

If you are a frequent listener of, Kevin Dellinger is there. Check out his album page. "Dance in Dream Time" has been added to the Albums section. Don't forget to download your app to listen.
Kevin Dellinger has been a Last.FM Artist for years. Scrobble the newest music. Add Kevin Dellinger to your favorite playlists. Thanks for listening.
Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Popcorn Maker Creations

Hello Fans and Listeners,
I had a blast making those cool video presentations. I put one of them on my videos page. The other one is on my books page. It works like a DAW software program online through Mozilla. You can add text, images, and videos. It is a great way to create presentations for the web. You should check those out! Do not be surprised if I make more of those projects in the future.
With the online software, you can add layers. They have many media options to choose from. You can add youtube or vimeo videos. You can create links to go with your text and images. There is even a 3d modelling event you can add. It was fun creating those projects. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for visiting
Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Website Updated and Re-Designed

I have been working many days on getting the website updated. I have re-designed the website with some css. All iTunes and Amazon links have been added to the album pages. When an album gets added to either iTunes or Amazon the buttons will be added to the appropriate album. A contact page is now available for those of you that want to contact me. If you want to purchase any music, the transactions are through a paypal shopping cart. Payloadz handles the instant digital download for each mp3. All mp3s are 320 kbps with updated ID3 tags. Listen to each song in the mp3 player next to the album cover image. Choose a song by clicking on the "add to cart" button. There is a "view cart" button on each album page to keep track of your purchases.
You can share the album pages by using the social media buttons on the top of each page. Feel free to leave comments. Please do not SPAM. If you are interested in sharing a business opportunity I will gladly read these in my website email from the contact form. Your support in my music is appreciated.
My music is my life's work. So I work hard everyday to make this website a success.
Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Songs of Fear and Commitment is Free on Google Play

Free on Google Play
"Songs of Fear and Commitment" is now free on Google Play. Enjoy alternative pop music by Kevin Dellinger. Download it free today! Listen to this music on your Android phone.
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